Certified Partners


The SociaLift Partner Program is to rewards the value of data to our service partners while together building an ecosystem and bring sustainable value for influencers and brands in Vietnam. Our Service Partner Program includes a ladder of partnership levels, along with partner performance and incentives. 

Influencer Marketing Servicing Partners

YouNet AM

YouNet AM

The first Advocacy Marketing Agency in Vietnam, powered by No.1 Social Listening & Social Influencer platforms.

Influencer Tracking & Evaluating Partners

YouNet Media

YouNet Media

YouNet Media is the most innovative Social Media Listening - Market Intelligence (Research) agency in Vietnam.



Buzzmetrics is the pioneers of using social listening data to bring businesses & consumers closer together

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Successful Projects

Case study

VietnamWorks X SociaLift - Niched Influencer List

Traveloka x YouNet AM - Social Advocacy Campaign

Mercedes x YouNet AM - Social Advocacy Campaign

AIH x SociaLift - Niched Influencer List

Acecook x YouNet AM - Social Advocacy Campaign